Season Finale

While I could keep rambling on, it is time for me to take a break from posting. I consider this the end of Season One. Not much of a cliffhanger as I don't have dragons to invade Westeros.

Below are some links to other resources on the web which continue to help me in learning more about the art and science of photography.

Digital Photography School - does what it says on the tin. They have answers to just about any photography related question.

Improve Photography has a wealth of information on almost any subject, and a couple of informative and entertaining podcasts.

This Week in Photo is launching a paid service with courses on various topics.

If you want to know the technical details of any camera or lens, DPReview is the place to go.

The Two Hosers Podcast is a couple of Canadian family guys talking about and learning photography. Listen along from the beginning, and learn with Adam (the newbie) as Allan (the pro) talks about various photography subjects (and other crap).

To learn about about Lightroom there are plenty other resources on the web, but it wouldn't hurt to start at the horses mouth: Adobe.

Craft and Vision is an ever expanding collection of ebooks by David Duchemin. Most are paid, but there are some free ones.

Discover Lightroom by Chris Marquardt is a 6.5 hour video training course on Lightroom.

Composition In Storytelling is a video essay mainly aimed at videography, but much of the content holds true for photography too.

Tony and Chelsea Northrup have a site jammed full with useful stuff, and they have a video channel too.

Martin Bailey is something of a perfectionist and shares many good tips and techniques on his blog and podcast.

Don Komarechka is known for his snowflake pictures, but has very inspirational and technical work generally. 

That's all for now. Thank you for joining me here.

Please do continue to keep in touch with me by leaving Comments below, or using the Contact button. Feel free to ask me anything. Let me know what you would like to see in Season Two.