Challenge Photos: The Most Important Thing

Your Challenge in The Most Important Thing was to get a series of photos (perhaps about 10) where you get closer to your subject in each shot.

The method suggested was to prop your fluffy toy up on a chair.  Go quite far back so that you can get the entire chair in the frame.  Take a shot of the fluffy toy.  Step forward.  Take a shot. Step forward. Take another shot.  Keep going until you are so close to the fluffy toy that your lens won't focus any more.  

Looking at the photos you took, which one really stood out to you?

Here is my series of photos I took for the Challenge.  Which one do you like best?  

Post your answers and thoughts in the Comments below, or send me a personal message using the Contact page.  

We know the Most Important Thing is the Subject of your photo and we found out in this exercise that getting closer and isolating the Subject is one good way to make sure the people who view your photos know what they are supposed to be looking at, and feel good about it.