Challenge Photos: Aperture

Your Challenge was to take take two photos of the same subject at different Apertures.  At least f/16 and as wide open as your lens will manage.

Here's Bunnie! again. 

Which photo do you think was shot at f/16?  Why?  

The ISO setting stayed the same (ISO 400) for both photos, but because I changed the Aperture, the Shutter Speed had to move in order to balance out back to a reasonable Exposure.

The shot where the Aperture is f/2.8, the Shutter Speed is 1/1250th of a second.  Nice as fast - almost certain to get a crisp, sharp photo.

But at f/16, the Shutter Speed is only 1/80th of a second.  A bit slower than we would like in most circumstances, but still acceptable.

Look out for the upcoming post entitled "Depth of Field" where I'll explain a bit about the effect of using a wide Aperture, and why it is a great way to isolate your Subject.

Now the most important question:  What is Bunnie! pointing at?  Is there something behind me?  Answers in the Comments below, or send me a personal message on the Contact page.