Challenge Photos: More About the Glass

Your Challenge was to take a photo of your subject at the longest focal length you can, at the widest Aperture you can, and at the closest focus distance your lens will allow.

ISO 100 - f/2.8 - 1/250 with off camera flash

For this Challenge I used my Sigma 18-50mm lens, which is capable of f/2.8 aperture.  This lens has it's closest focusing distance of about 12cm.

After arranging Buddha and the other treasures, and setting up the lights, I set the camera on a tripod.  I zoomed to 50mm and set the switch on the side of the lens to manual focus.  This allowed me to set the focus to the closest distance without worrying about what the autofocus system might try do.  Then, carefully, I moved Buddha back and forwards a few millimetres until I was sure that his face was in focus.   

What did you find out about your lens when you did this Challenge?  How close could you get to your subject?  What is the largest aperture on your lens?  What did you choose to shoot?  Share a link to your photos in the Comments below, or send me a personal message using the Contact button.